For the 2023 Festivals we will again be using the registration website Run My Festival

Registration for Music: Solos, Duos and Trios  begins on the 1st November 2022. Registration for this section closes on the 20th February 2023

Registration for Music: Ensembles and Choirs  begins on the 3rd January 2023

Registration for Dance, Speech and Drama begins on the 3rd January 2023.

When you click on the Registration link you will go through to our registration area at Run My Festival

The first step is to Log In.  If you entered the Festival in previous years through Run My Festival  your Log In will be unchanged.  If you have not previously entered the Festival using Run My Festival you will need to create a Log In.

Once you have logged in the next step is to set yourself up on the system and then to set up each of your entrants.

An Entrant is one of the following:

  • Individual – a person performing on their own, who could be yourself, your child or a pupil of yours
  • Group With People – any group consisting of two or more named individuals such as a duet or a trio etc
  • Group By Size – a group that is known only by its name and whose members may change from day to day – such as a choir or large dance group

Once your entrants are set up the process of entering classes is very simple indeed.  You select an entrant, choose either  Music or Speech and Drama or Dance Sections and then click on as many classes as they wish to enter.  There may be some further information required for those classes such as music piece titles and composers. 

Each entry then goes through to your shopping basket which you can check at any time.

When all of the entries have been made you click through to payment and once that is done the process is finished.  The system allows for PayPal and BACS payment.  When you have completed your PayPal payment remember to click ‘Return To Merchant’.

You will receive email confirmations of all of your entries.