All entrants must register at the Steward’s desk 30 minutes before the start of their first class.

Entrants in a Class should be present outside the Swinburne Hall at least 10 minutes before the start of the Class.

The use of CD accompaniment is permitted in certain classes. Where this is allowed there is an option to tick ‘CD Accompaniment’ when registering for the class. If using CD accompaniment a copy of the music is still required.

All Instrumental and Voice entrants must supply a copy of their music and CD (if using CD accompaniment).  Music and CDs must be given to the Stewards at the time of registration.  The music for the Adjudicator may be a photocopy. Photocopied music will be securely shredded after the Festival.  All printed music and CDs will be returned to the entrant after the class.

Entrants may perform from memory or from printed music.  Photocopies are not allowed for the performer.

Entrants may perform in as many classes as they choose but may not use the same piece of music in more than one class.

The order of performance will be as per the order in the programme.

The adjudicator may at her or his discretion recall an entrant at the end of a Class to perform a second time in order to re-assess the adjudication and report.

Any entrant unable to perform during their Class for a valid reason may, at the discretion of the Adjudicator, perform at another suitable point and receive an adjudication.

Entrants may perform on more than one instrument in these classes:

  • Class 2 Classical Solo Woodwind
  • Class 3 Classical Solo Brass
  • Class 4 Classical Solo Strings
  • Class 19 Jazz Solo Instrument
  • Class 23 Folk/World Solo Instrument

One or two pieces are permitted in each Solo and Ensemble class with a maximum total duration of six and a minimum of two minutes.  The time limit in each music class is for the total performance time from the point at which the performer begins.  If more than one piece is being performed the total time must not exceed the time limit for the class.  An exception is allowed for single pieces at Grade 8 and above which may have a duration of up to 8 minutes. Choir classes have a maximum time limit of ten minutes.  The adjudicator may ask for the performance to be stopped if it has gone beyond the allocated time.

The Colchester Rotary Singer of the Year, Colchester Rotary Musician of the Year and Hatfield Cup for Choir will be awarded on the day of the Festival.

One instrumentalist and one singer who are under 18 on August 31st 2020 may be invited to go forward for the Rotary Young Musician of the Year competition 2021.