All classes take place in the Main Hall Colchester Institute.  There is a cross over, a dance floor, black legs and a black backdrop.

All entrants in a Class should have booked in at the Steward’s Desk by the Main Hall 30 minutes before the start of the Class.  All entrants must be present at the appropriate changing room 15 minutes before the start of the class.  The appropriate changing rooms will be clearly signposted and supervised.

The order of performance will be as per the order in the programme unless the committee deems it necessary to make adjustment.

The adjudicator has discretion to recall an entrant at the end of a Class to perform a second time to re-assess the adjudication and report.

Any entrant unable to perform during their Class for a valid reason may, at the discretion of the Adjudicator, perform at another suitable point and receive an adjudication but no placing for the class. 

Entrants may compete in as many classes as they choose but may not use the same piece in more than one class.

Entrants may not compete using an item with which they won a class in previous years. However if they would like to dance for adjudication only with said item, and as long as the adjudicator is notified prior to the class, they may do so.

Music must be provided on CD or MP3 player (iPad, smartphone or similar device) and a backup should be ready in case of any problems with the system.  Experience has shown that most CDs work well but we have experienced some problems particularly if the CD is dirty or scratched.  It is best to have only one track on the CD so that there is no possibility of the wrong music being played.  In the case of a CD not playing we are able to accept a tablet, mp3 player or phone with headphone socket as backup.  Please note that streaming via WIFI is not possible.

All competitors will receive adjudication sheets and certificates.  Those placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in solo classes will also receive a medal.

Competitors will be invited back to the Gala Evening at the discretion of the Chairman and Adjudicator.

One responsible adult, normally the teacher, may accompany solo competitors aged 10 and under to the side stage in order to assist with the smooth running of the class. They may stay in the wings during the dance but must remain silent and leave immediately afterwards.   They are expected to clear any props immediately following the competitor’s dance.

There is very limited space in the side stage so it cannot be used as a viewing area.

It is not possible to rehearse on the stage at any point even during breaks.