The adjudicator will assign marks and/or categories as follows:

90-100 Outstanding: An exceptional performance, both technically and artistically.

87-89   Distinction: An excellent performance technically and artistically.

84-86   Commended: A convincing performance technically and artistically.

81-83   Merit: A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability.

78-80   Moderate:  A performance showing development of technique and/or communication.

75-77   Fair: A performance limited in its communication.



  1. Entering the Festival is via the ‘Run My Festival’ system for which there is a link on the Registration drop down.
  2. Entries will be accepted only if the appropriate entry fee is received before the closing date.
  3. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  4. You will receive an email confirming your entries when you complete the registration.
  5. Once you have entered, you will receive a second email notifying you of the process for uploading your video.
  6. If you have not received this notification email, please check your spam folder before contacting admin@colchesterrotaryfestival.org
  7. You may not enter more than once in the same class except where you are entering on different instruments. 
  8. The same piece may not be performed in more than one class in the same Festival year.
  9. The title and composer of your music must be stated as part of your entry.
  10. Any changes must be notified by email to admin@colchesterrotaryfestival.org.
  11. The piece itself should be videoed in “one take” and not edited during or after the performance. You may re-take the piece in its entirety if you are unhappy with your performance. If more than one piece is submitted each piece can be recorded on a different occasion.
  12. There should be no post recording editing or manipulation.
  13. Introduce yourself and what you are about to perform at the beginning of your video.
  14. The Festival is for amateur performers. For the purpose of this Festival, an amateur is considered to be a person whose main source of income is not made from music, acting or dance performances, (although he or she may receive occasional fees and ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses), or teaching in these disciplines. This restriction does not apply to an entrant’s Conductor or Accompanist. Students over 18 who attend vocational colleges are eligible to participate

Time Limits

You must observe all relevant time limits for performances. The “Performance time” shown is the total time and entrants should note that spoken introductions, other than stating your name and titles of your performance pieces, are included within the quoted timings

Backing Tracks

Please note that in the online festival you may use a backing track in place of live accompaniment. 


The Festival will have the necessary copyright performance permissions provided that the identity of any work to be performed has been provided in advance and that the piece has not been re-arranged without the composer/author’s consent. Scans or photos of the music will be required for the adjudicator but you must have an original published copy yourself.


We will hold and process your personal data solely for the purposes of the festival.  All personal data is held under the control of the Festival.

2      QUESTIONS?  

We may not have answered all of your questions so if you need additional advice or help please email us at: admin@colchesterrotaryfestival.org.  We will monitor that email daily and will try to get a reply to you very soon.