July 1st, Colchester County High School for Girls

55.    Folk/World Group (4 or more players)                                   All ages
56.    Primary School Instrumental Ensemble                                Age 11 and under
57.    Classical Ensemble                                                                 All ages
58.    Mixed Instrumental Ensemble                                                All ages
59.    Jazz Ensemble (4 or more players)                                        All ages
60.    Choir Any Style                                                                        Age 11 and under
61.    Choir Any Style                                                                        Age 12 to 18
62.    Choir Musical Theatre / Popular (more than 16 singers)     All ages
63.    Musical Theatre Vocal Ensemble (4 to 16 singers)              All ages
64.    Choir Classical                                                                        All ages
65.    Vocal Ensemble any genre (4 to 16 singers)                        All ages

Entry Fees:

Quartet and larger group classes: £14.00

One or two pieces are permitted in each instrumental ensemble class with a maximum total duration of six and a minimum of two minutes.  An exception is allowed for single pieces at Grade 8 and above which may have a duration of up to eight minutes. 

Choir Classes have a maximum total duration of ten minutes. 

The time limit starts from the start of the performance and does not include tuning or introductions.

There is no upper limit on the size of choirs. 

A grand piano and music stands will be provided at the venue.

Pre-recorded accompaniment is allowed in Primary School Ensemble (Class 56), Choir (Classes 60 and 61), Choir Musical Theatre / Popular (Class 62), Musical Thtre Voice Ensemble (Class 63) and Vocal Ensemble any genre (Class 65).  This can be in mp3 format, connected to our sound system either by Bluetooth or headphone socket, or CD.

The age of the group is calculated as that of the oldest member at the close of registration.