March 11th, The Headgate Theatre

1.               Classical Solo Piano                                                       Age 11 and under

2.               Classical Solo Piano                                                       Age 12 to 18

3.               Classical Solo Piano                                                       Adult

4.               Classical Solo Woodwind                                               Age 11 and under

5.               Classical Solo Woodwind                                               Age 12 to 18

6.               Classical Solo Woodwind                                               Adult

7.               Classical Solo Brass                                                      Age 11 and under

8.               Classical Solo Brass                                                      Age 12 to 18

9.               Classical Solo Brass                                                      Adult

10.            Classical Solo Strings                                                    Age 11 and under

11.            Classical Solo Strings                                                    Age 12 to 18

12.            Classical Solo Strings                                                    Adult

13.            Classical Solo Voice                                                      Age 11 and under

14.            Classical Solo Voice                                                      Age 12 to 18

15.            Classical Solo Voice                                                      Adult

16.            Classical Duo (any combination of instruments)           Age 11 and under

17.            Classical Duo (any combination of instruments)           Age 12 to 18

18.            Classical Duo (any combination of instruments)           Adult

19.            Classical Trio (any combination of instruments)           Age 11 and under

20.            Classical Trio (any combination of instruments)           Age 12 to 18

21.            Classical Trio (any combination of instruments)           Adult

22.            Accordion Solo                                                             Age 11 and under

23.            Accordion Solo                                                             Age 12 to 18

24.            Accordion Solo                                                             Adult

25.            Ukulele Solo                                                                 Age 11 and under

26.            Ukulele Solo                                                                 Age 12 to 18

27.            Ukulele Solo                                                                 Adult

28.            Musical Theatre Solo Voice                                          Age 11 and under

29.            Musical Theatre Solo Voice                                          Age 12 to 18

30.            Musical Theatre Solo Voice                                          Adult

31.            Musical Theatre Voice Duo                                           Age 11 and under

32.            Musical Theatre Voice Duo                                           Age 12 to 18

33.            Musical Theatre Voice Duo                                           Adult

34.            Musical Theatre Voice Trio                                            All ages

35.            Jazz Solo Voice                                                             Age 11 and under

36.            Jazz Solo Voice                                                             Age 12 to 18

37.            Jazz Solo Voice                                                             Adult

38.            Jazz Solo Instrument                                                     Age 11 and under

39.            Jazz Solo Instrument                                                     Age 12 to 18

40.            Jazz Solo Instrument                                                     Adult

41.            Jazz Duo or Trio                                                            All ages          

42.            Pop/Rock Solo Voice                                                     Age 11 and under

43.            Pop/Rock Solo Voice                                                     Age 12 to 18

44.            Pop/Rock Solo Voice                                                     Adult

45.            Solo Guitar                                                                     Age 11 and under

46.           Solo Guitar                                                                     Age 12 to 18

47.            Solo Guitar                                                                    Adult

48.            Folk/World Solo Voice                                                    Age 11 and under

49.            Folk/World Solo Voice                                                    Age 12 to 18

50.            Folk/World Solo Voice                                                    Adult

51.            Folk/World Solo Instrument                                            Age 11 and under

52.            Folk/World Solo Instrument                                            Age 12 to 18

53.            Folk/World Solo Instrument                                            Adult

54.            Folk/World Duo or Trio                                                   All ages

Solo classes:  £10.00
Duo and Trio classes: £12.00
One or two pieces are permitted in each Solo and Ensemble class with a maximum total duration of six and a minimum of two minutes.  An exception is allowed for single pieces at Grade 8 and above which may have a duration of up to eight minutes.  The time limit starts from the start of the performance and does not include tuning or introductions.
All classes are own choice there are no set pieces.
You may only enter once in each class except for Woodwind Solo, Brass Solo, Strings Solo, Jazz Solo, Folk/World Solo classes.  In these classes you may enter more than once on different instruments, for example flute and clarinet in Woodwind Solo.
A grand piano and music stands will be provided at the venue.
Entrants for electric guitar must provide their own amplifier which must be PAT tested.

Pre-recorded accompaniment is allowed in Musical Theatre Voice solo, duo and trio classes, Pop/Rock Voice solo and Guitar (not classical).  This can be in mp3 format, connected to our sound system either by Bluetooth or headphone socket, or CD.
The age of the entrant is calculated at the closing date for registration.