The syllabus for 2021 is limited to solo classes in order to follow guidelines on staying Covid19 safe.

The Classes

1:       Classical Solo Piano

2:       Classical Solo Woodwind

3:       Classical Solo Brass

4:       Classical Solo Strings

5:       Classical Solo Voice

6:       Classical Duo

9:       Musical Theatre Solo Voice

13:     Pop/Rock Solo Voice

14:     Pop/Rock Solo Guitar

15:     Pop/Rock Solo Drums

18:     Jazz Solo Voice

19:     Jazz Solo Instrument (sax, clarinet, trumpet, piano etc)

22:     Folk/World Solo Voice

23:     Folk/World Solo Instrument

One or two pieces are permitted in each class with a maximum total duration of six and a minimum of two minutes.  An exception is allowed for single pieces at Grade 8 and above which may have a duration of up to eight minutes. 

Entry fee for all classes is £10